Security in our community is based on the idea that every one should live with peace of mind, feeling safe and protected wether at home or in their community

Back in the "old"days, safety and security used to be the norm, yet today it seems to have become a luxury and most of all a necessity. Nobody wants to leave their family, kids, loved ones or even their belongings, affraid that something  criminal might happen while away. Living in a state of threat or danger is a horrible feeling, it can lead to health issues and everyone is responsible for the general sense of public security. 

We believe that, even though there are some criminals and dangerous people out there, most of us want peace and the freedom to live happily without worries of danger. 

We rely on multiple systems to achieve that security, neighbourhood watchprivate security, police and government officials, army, etc... They each have an important role to play in community safety, along with the government’s responsibility to maintain order and protect our communities. 

Everyone has a responsibility to help keep their community safe by either hiring private security, making sure their house is protected with cameras, alarms or central monitoring or being active members in the safety of their community.